Four Reasons We Need Healthcare


One of the most important things that we need in this world is healthcare. It’s an essential part of life, and without it, people don’t have a chance to live to their full potential. Healthcare can help us not only physically but mentally as well. If you could do anything with your time on Earth, what would you do?

The answer would be different for everyone, but many people would say they want to spend time with friends and family or accomplish something big before they die. But if you are ill or disabled, these opportunities are taken away from you because of your health status. In this post, I will discuss four reasons why we need healthcare!


nurseWe can increase our survivability in the event of a deadly pandemic or major disaster by taking the right precautions. We can get vaccinations to protect us against infectious diseases, buy food storage if there is no access to supermarkets, or our community goes into social collapse. Even though some of these things are preventative measures, they still fall under healthcare because they protect you from an adverse situation that would seriously harm your health and well-being.

Empowerment and Emotional Well-Being

Having healthcare allows us to live our lives with empowerment and emotional well-being. Suppose we don’t have someone who is helping us emotionally, financially, or physically. In that case, we become depressed quickly because of the stress that’s put on us from not taking care of ourselves. We can also become angry or frustrated when we feel like our independence has been taken away from us because no one is there to help us get out of bed, cook for ourselves, open a jar or drive us around town.



Healthcare comes with many different benefits that allow people the opportunity to live more freely. Having healthcare means that we don’t have to worry about paying for expenses like medical bills, medication, or doctor’s visits. These are things that people without insurance struggle with every month, and it puts their health at risk because they can’t afford to go in when they need help.


People who cannot pay for healthcare put their lives at risk. When someone is in a catastrophic accident or severely ill, they need immediate medical attention. Without the ability to pay for it, that care may not be accessible to them, leading to grave consequences such as disability or death. This alone proves why we need healthcare because everyone deserves proper treatment when needed!

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