Facts about Face Masks

face masks

The current market is flooded with different types and brands of facemasks that buyers can choose from. In fact, there are different designers, manufacturers, and retailers who have started offering face masks. Wearing the right mask can help you minimize the spread of respiratory diseases like Covid-19. It has become mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask in most countries due to the current pandemic of Covid-19 diseases. Exceptions apply to disabled people, young children, and individuals with breathing difficulties.

Wearing the right face mask is the best option for shoppers and individuals who can’t socially distance. You should consult a medical practitioner before buying a face mask or choose a mask that adheres to the CDC guidelines. In general, face masks are essential personal protective equipment for health workers and individuals who are planning to visit enclosed places like public transport and shops.

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Face Mask


Face masks are designed to cover the mouth and nostrils. In many countries like the US and UK, people are advised to wear these masks in situations where social distance is not possible or in enclosed spaces like supermarkets and public transport. In essence, it is crucial to wear non-medial masks to prevent the spread of respiratory infections like Covid-19.

Main Types of Face Masks

As mentioned earlier, the current market is flooded with different designs models of face masks. In fact, there is a high demand for face masks due to the current global epidemic of coronavirus disease. Surgical masks and other types of medical-grade respiratory masks are extremely useful, but they are in short supply in most countries. Surgical masks are reserved or designed for healthcare workers. Let’s have a look at the main types of face masks that you should consider buying.

Respiratory Masks

These masks are well-designed to filter pathogens. They are adequately sealed to keep put various forms of pathogens and particles ranging from 100=300 nanometers. The common types of respiratory masks include N99, N100, and N95 masks. The pathogen responsible for covid19 is about 125nm in size. There is a short supply of these masks because of their high demand at the moment.

Surgical Masks

These are single-use, disposable masks made of synthetic fabric. These masks are not airtight, but they are useful in filtering various types of pathogens. The average size of these masks ranges from 100-300 nm.

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