Weight Loss


There are some treatment options available to those who suffer from weight-related health issues. Weight gain and obesity can hinder everyday activities and can make living life difficult in many ways. The procedures involved with the different types of surgery will vary so when considering the surgery it is necessary for people to be accurately informed before they make their choice. The following are some of the weight loss surgery options available in most plastic surgery hospitals.

Weight loss surgery options

1. Gastric bypassGastric bypass

Gastric surgery limits your food intake. It is probably the most complicated and invasive surgery of all options. But it is also one of those most effective. The surgery lasts a couple of hours while you are under general anesthesia and are kept in the hospital no more than a week after surgery, barring any complications. It is a very popular and effective option with minimal risk.

2. Sleeve surgery

This is one of the newer methods that is gaining popularity daily. People are starting to choose this option above most others because it is minimally invasive. The basics of this surgery are that 85% of your stomach is removed. It is performed laparoscopically which simply means that surgeon makes a few small incisions instead of one giant incision that leaves a scar.

3. Gastric banding

Gastric bandingIn this type of weight loss surgery, a silicone band with an inflatable inner collar is placed around the upper stomach, which restricts food intake. It creates a small pouch and a narrow passage between the upper and lower parts of the stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness for longer. One of the reasons this option is becoming popular is that the band can be loosed or tightened easily.

4. Intragastric balloon

A balloon placed in the stomach. The surgeon inflates it so that the patient constantly feels full. The balloon can only remain for six months during which time it could leak or burst.

5. Liposuction

This is a surgical procedure in which suction is applied to remove subcutaneous fat. The method is very useful for reshaping the contours of the face, hips, breasts, or tummy, but it has little or no effect on insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, blood pressure, or even weight since the amount of fat removed is relatively small. Complications include damage to the skin or nerves and damage to vital organs.
Exercise and diet alteration are extremely important, to keep one’s weight loss at an optimum level. Regardless of weight loss surgery options, there is every reason to dedicate oneself to healthy eating to benefit the entire body, regardless of weight loss plans.