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Distinguishing Between Implantation Bleeding and Periods

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Many women tend to mistake implantation bleeding as period especially when the bleeding takes place near the date of the expected menses. They get confused as to whether it is implantation bleeding and period. In this article, we have highlighted the points of distinction between the two to solve your this puzzle. If there is any blood discharge in between the interval of menses, it can put a woman into a state of worry and concern. So, we will now attempt to find out as to whether what you are undergoing is implantation bleeding and period. We must know the fundamentals of implantation bleeding.

General information

During menses

Hand on pregnant woman's bellyDuring the menses, when the ovary releases eggs, it is likely that a fixed egg gets fertilized because of a sperm entering into the woman’s body. The fertilized egg then starts to catch the way via which it can reach the uterus lining to get implant over there so that it can obtain blood and nutrients from the lining. As this lining has plenty of blood and nutrients, during implantation, a scanty amount of blood is discarded from the uterus and finally from the vagina. That around 33 percent women do notice this pregnancy symptom. We will now look at the differences.

Type of Outflow

In a normal period, the bleeding is quite heavy and that it usually stays for five days. On the contrary, bleeding at implantation is very little – very near to spotting. In normal cases, the lasts mostly for two days at max even though this duration is not the same for all women. However, there are cases where in long implantation bleeding has been noticed for 12 days. So, it is not that easy to determine the duration of bleeding.

The color of Outflow

To know whether what you are experiencing is the period, the color is very helpful, as it plays an important role. During the blood appears to be pinkish or brownish. This is mainly because this blood needs time to be discharged from the body that takes away its freshness. Further, this bleeding will not contain any clots in it unlike the fresh red blood of the periods.

Onset Time

baby kissing pregnant woman's bellyWhat you experience is period is likewise distinguished by figuring the onset period of implantation bleeding. For instance, if a lady gets her period following an interim of 28 days, then ovaries will discharge eggs precisely after half time goes from the last period – fourteenth day. Implantation has a tendency to happen, say on a ninth day once ovulation happens. In this way, the bleeding will happen on day 23. Nonetheless, the base of the estimation here is the menstrual cycle interim that can shift from 24 to 32-day cycle. Regardless of what this cycle is, implantation bleeding happens before a week of menses.

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