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How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery

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For many people, the word surgery can trigger bad memories. They need to go through all the processes, pain, anesthesia, post-surgery treatment, and recovery. For those who have been through the situation, it is enough to make them aware of how important their health is. Orthopedic surgeries are not an exception. Perhaps, the date of your hip or knee replacement procedures is fast approaching, or you have just get involved in an accident that requires you to have surgical procedures. The above examples of the possible scenarios can happen to anyone, no matter how careful they are.

Having to deal with invasive medical procedures is not an easy thing, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, you can still prepare things before the day so that you are well-prepared. Although it does not kill the pain, being more organized and ready for the operation day can save you from unnecessary hassle. Before the surgery, you must calm down and relax your nerves, and below are several tips to follow if your operation day is coming soon.

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Laboratory Test

Before the operation, your surgeon needs to know the overall condition of your health. It is to avoid contradictions and unwanted scenarios, including drug allergy and contradictive prescription. When it happens, the worst that can happen is that you will have to go through a lengthy recovery period. Then, getting a lab test is what you need to do. Your doctor will advise you on which tests you should do. After that, you may need to present the medical reports to your doctor and discuss if something needs adjustments. Skipping this step will only lead to bigger issues, so you need to take this advice seriously.

Pre-Surgery Exercises

One of the most common reasons why people avoid getting involved in any form of physical activity is the pain in their joints. It can be their back, hip, knees, or ankles. Their lack of physical activities can lead to stiff muscles, and it is something that needs to be avoided during orthopedic surgery. One thing you can do is exercise regularly before the operation. You can start weeks before if you know the exact date of the operation. Instead of heavy workouts, you should opt to have light to medium-intensity exercises. This way, you can reduce the risk of complications during and after surgery.

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