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How to Buy a Bowling Ball

If you are a bowler, you should get your own bowling ball. Understanding what to look for when purchasing a bowling ball can make a huge difference in the success of your game. Dv8 bowling balls will take your game to the next level if they are custom drilled for you. The following are tips to follow.

Visit a Bowling Shop

bowling activityYou should visit a bowling shop, an internet bowling site, or sports equipment store. View the different bowling ball selections that are available. The good thing about visiting a bowling shop is that you will find staff members who are experienced and can help you make the right choice.

Material of Coverstock

You need to choose the right material of the coverstock to ensure the ball you get best suits your needs. Usually, plastic balls are cheaper and are ideal for both casual and beginner bowlers. In fact, plastic (polyester) was the first coverstock to be introduced. You will find these balls easy to handle but lack adequate potential for hooks and spins.

If you want a better spin, then you should go for urethane balls. The good thing about these balls is that they are reasonably priced. However, they are a bit expensive as compared to plastic covered balls. On the other hand, reactive resin balls provide adequate control as far as hooks and spins are concerned. However, they are not durable as compared to plastic and urethane balls. They are ideal if you need power for strikes.

Particle coverstock bowling balls are known to offer the most reaction and friction than any other given coverstock. They are perfect for tournament bowlers who are looking for high-speed balls.

Bowling Ball Size

playing bowling activityYou need to choose the right ball size that is ideal for your endurance and weight. Usually, professional bowlers use a ball that is less than 15 percent of their total body weight. It is a good idea to try various size balls until you get the right one. Start with a smaller size and move up until you find the maximum weight you can handle.

Customize the Ball

First, you need to test the angle and size of the finger holes in the ball. Your fingers ought to fit comfortably and properly in the holes. It is a good idea to have custom drilled bowling ball holes. This will ensure you get the right fit. Usually, most bowling ball shops provide custom hole drilling free. If you purchase online, you can have it drilled at a local bowling shop at a small fee.

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