Three Tips on How to Have a Better and Faster Bulk

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Bulking up is not only about the types of training that you choose, but also the nutrients that you take. For instance, some bodybuilders even take the risky path by using steroids to boost up their muscle growth. This way does help you to get the result you want fast. But first, you must know which one is the safest for you. Fitness tech is a forever developing enterprise, and products like enenthate have been deemed the most reliable anabolic steroid out there for bodybuilding.
Now, let’s get to the three tips that do not require artificial buff.

Know the Supercompensation Theory

fitness trackerThe supercompensation theory is not some random unproven hypothesis. It is scientific and accurate to explain the cycles of your body’s adaptation to strenuous workouts. In case you do not know, your physical fitness that includes muscle growth and motoric dexterity is actually a form of adjustment made by your body. However, there will be some phases where your development will get stuck.

According to the supercompensation theory, you can overcome your stagnation state by having several workout overloads followed with enough rest. The rule here is to increase the intensity by 30%, and never go beyond 50%. For instance, if you have been doing curls in 50 reps so far, it’s time to go for 65 to 70. In one month of training, do the overloads once or twice per week. After you can get to 70 reps, follow the same rule. Increase the intensity by doing 91 or 95 reps, and keep continuing from there.

Be Careful with Sugar

sugary dietWhen it comes to fitness performance, it is actually sugar that has the most harmful impact on the body. According to this article on the Guardian, sugar companies set up a conspiracy to conceal the harms of their product. Today, you may not have realized that you have been overconsuming sugar. It is in your cookies, doughnuts, coffees, juices, and the so-called healthy drinks.

It is better to cook by yourself and prefer to drink plain water every time you are not at home. However, your body does need carbs from sugar if you want to workout longer. Therefore, consume it only from your main meals, such as rice, potatoes, or beans. When you limit your sugar intake, you’ll see how it will reduce your body fat percentage significantly in under a year.

Improve Your Rest

Rest is a vital part of your muscle growth. In fact, if you do not have enough rest, your immune system can get weakened by intense workouts. And when that happens, you’ll be more vulnerable to diseases.

First, always clean your bedroom regularly. A dirty bed allows bedbugs and dust mites to thrive. And they are notorious for causing allergies. Therefore, if you’ve been sneezing, and your eyes turn watery every time you are in your room, they may be the signs of severe micro-bugs infestation. Vacuum the room immediately and wash all your blankets and pillows there.

Second, noises can disturb your rest. If you have an issue with it, you should consider improving the sound-proofing insulation in the room. If it is not possible, then move. It may sound like a radical suggestion, but it will be worth it.

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